This is where royalties get auto-applied to any new Royalty Statement, based on the Paid Out data pre-generated in your LICENSE file.



• Automatically fills-out your Royalty Statements with the click of a button (auto-assigns PaidOut items from Licenses & Projects files)


• Tracks "Domestic" and "Foreign" collections and royalty payments


• Calculates Qty Sold, Qty Returns, optional "FREE Goods" (promo, DJ copies)


• Royalty PayOut items may be entered from the Licenses & Projects files at the time of "Collection"


• Automated Entry of Royalty Items - choice of "Automatic" or "manual" Pick List of items


• Supports advances, payments & discounts (e.g. "3/4 rate", etc.)


• Supports Holding back for "Reserves" (reserve units) for specified # of royalty periods


• Optional custom message on royalty statements eliminates need for cover letters (see graphic below)


• Statements are #10 window envelope-ready


• Supports unlimited payments, advances, special awards & payments, settlements


• Lets you choose which advances you wish to apply to any statement (based on the "related contract" for the selected "royalty type")


• Tracks the # of "Due Days" after Period Ending, based on terms entered for related contract


• Automatically calculates "reserves" of units held back/released (Domestic & Foreign, separately) based on related Contract


• Supports deduction of administration fees


• Supports calculation of exchange rates on foreign royalties; supports deduction of Harry Fox & other fees


• Tracks your Performance Royalties by any Version of any song in your Catalog






Statement Listing


Royalty Statements (for royalties paid out)


Royalty statements summary report


Royalties Paid Out summary


Payee History Report


Royalty Aging Reports


Outstanding Statements Payable


Collections by Month, Quarter


Collections by Month & Item, Quarter & Item


Royalty Summary - sorted by Royalty recipient


Royalties Paid Out by Month, Quarter


Royalties Paid Out by Month & Item, Quarter & Item


Royalty Items not yet Paid


Royalty Items "Pending"


Royalty Items Paid Out - by Payee


FREE Goods, DJ Copies, Promos by month


Items Held back on "Reserve"


Performance Royalty Listing report





List of Checks to Cut


List of Payments & Advances


Deposit Items List helps prepare Deposit Slip


List of Deposits by Payee


Payments screen lets you apply Payments, Recoupable Advances, Carry Forward Amts.

Select from custom Memo notes, from a pop-up menu, to add to any Royalty Statement.

This layout provides a place to include an optional/custom message that appears on the Royalty Statement.
This screen allows you to track the check or pmt number that applies to the current Royalty Statement and the applying of Recoupable Advances.


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