This layout lets you track details of each gig/performance each of your artists have upcoming, allowing you to create an Artist Itinerary Report



• superior Contact-management automation lets you track all kinds of information about your customers, fans and music industry contacts


• unlimited addresses per contact, within the same contact record. Each address may be named for future tracking purposes (Billing Addr, Shipping Addr, Vacation Addr, Europe Addr, etc.)


• unlimited phone #s and email addresses per contact record


• auto-dialing (supported for Windows users only; requires use of a Modem)


• Email button "Auto-links" your email to Filemaker supported email applications


• built-in Customer Profile screen includes 10 "User-defined" fields for demographics and other important personal info (add others as needed)


• Service History - scrolling entries provide convenient ongoing history with any contact. This allows all users on your network to have access to the same info about any client or contact - keeping your company more "Client Focused" and aware.


• Familiar "form-based" user interface for Activities (familiar looking office representations; e.g. yellow legal pad, pink "While You Were Out" phone pad, etc.)


• Monthly, weekly & daily calendar views are included for assistance in scheduling To-Do's


• Workgroup scheduling may be assigned and monitored by supervisors and coworkers.


• A "Carry Forward To-Do's" button helps you avoid forgetting important tasks by automatically reposting uncompleted items to current date.


• "Auto-schedule" future documents & Reminders lets you plan and market forward, to any contact in the PEOPLE file.





In addition to contact management, SongTracker includes our popular EZ Letterz™ module which features a unique new way to create, store, merge and manage your correspondence (form letters, form email, office memos, fax cover sheets, agreements and more). EZ Letterz takes advantage of the FileMaker word processing features and introduces a powerful database "Document Center" that increases the speed and efficiency of managing your own built-in correspondence library. The thing that makes this program unique, from the everyday word processor, is that all correspondence is created and stored inside one library file of letters, eliminating the hassle of searching through hundreds of letters scattered all over your hard disk. You may "Send to One" or "Send to a Group" depending on your document needs. "Print Option" buttons include preformatted multi-page layouts for: 3 standard styles of business letters, one personal letter format, a fax message cover sheet, an interoffice memo form, email, a packing slip form, #10 envelopes, popular Avery mailing labels, email links and an editorial layout which handles reports, proposals, agreements press releases and more.


























Another included module is our timesaving ShipZipz™ module which helps insure the accuracy of your data entry. It integrates with SongTracker to auto-lookup a contact's city, state and country from any of 53,000+ zip codes, including U.S. and many Canadian postal zones.




YOUR company and address information, (phone, fax, address, etc.) so that you never need to type in information about your company again. This information gets looked up automatically whenever it is needed throughout the Songtracker system. This saves hours of data entry time and insures data integrity. A one-time operation of Inserting your digital logo (.eps, .pict, .tiff, etc.) displays it on all correspondence (you may modify the size as desired).





• Manages your schedule, To-Do's, Calendar


• View your calendar by day, week, month


• Allows each coworker on a network to maintain own calendar


• Setup "recurring" To-Do with one-time entry


• Lets you set up "auto-reminders"


• Sends outgoing emails from built in Document Center


• New Live Show screen lets you track Artists/Talent itineraries and print or PDF a report


• Fan Tracker screen helps you manage Fan social networking and promotions


• Track meeting notes, To-Do's, calls, documents


• "Auto-Schedule" feature tracks future follow-ups


• Carry forward unfinished tasks to the next day


• Click on any "Activity Log" entry to view old activities


• Creates Group Schedules & individual Calendars


• Document Center stores library of master documents


• Mail merge documents or send email with One person or for a Group of contacts


• Message Center lets anyone take coworker messages


• 53,000+ zip code lookups speed data entry accuracy


• Address file provides easy to use scripts for Importing/entry of large mailing lists, and then automates them into the Songtracker system




Mail labels, ship labels, #10 envelopes

Activity Log, Overview, Detail lists

Printed calendars and schedules

Contact Lists

Phone lists

Address book lists

Monthly, weekly, daily calendar

To-Do Lists: overview, detailed breakdowns

To-Do Schedule report, Follow-up report

While You Were Out messages (4-up on a page)

Work completed report

Auto-Schedule Reminder list

Outgoing call reports, Detail, Overview

Letters, memos, email, FAX covers sheets

Live Show List (Confidential Itinerary)

Fan Tracker List report

Strategy Notes






This layout allows you to type/paste in letters and other important documents that can be used over and over as needed thru a mail merge feature
This layout lets you keep a traditional looking pad of calls and messages that come in for any of the users in your workgroup.


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