This layout provides a place to enter all the critical data regarding a License (Dates, attributes, rate, etc.).


• Each new record in this file represents a separate license.

• Title, Produced for, Client/contact info

• Identify License type with ez to use pop-up lists saves typing and insures data integrity

• Category and Subcategory for further breakdown of type

• Territory & Territory Specific feature supports unique Foreign licensing deals

• Product/event #

• Terms & allowed Discounts

• # of Uses/"Drops"

• Notification of what type of media each party is entitled to as part of the License

• Agreed License Rate per use, or per license

• Advance & Guarantee amounts

• Tracks many important licensing dates (Option Renewals, Invoice, P.O., Release, Last Collection, Next Collection Due, Advance/Guarantee)

• Allows for playing of a digital audio/video from the related Resource file

• Licensing checklist (see graphic below)

• Tracks Current STATUS of documents and ongoing licensing status

• Track Chart Results

• Track Award nominations and prizes at LICENSE (& VERSIONS level)

• Special "Credits" which apply to the license

• Collections entered on same License record

• Royalty items are entered at the same time related License "Collection" is entered

• Deposit items may be applied at same time related License "Collection" is entered

• Print out a Quote and Invoice for each License based on the Terms entered in fields



• Two related files are included which allow you to track project "labor", "materials", "expenses" and mail "promotional" materials for any type of recording project, job or promotional aspect of your music business.

• SongTracking: pitching of material to industry contacts

• Radio Tracking: creates radio tracking reports on airplay (domestic/intn'l), comments

• Gig Tracking: tracks the booking process for artists and studio musicians, touring, etc.

• Film Tracking: screen writers/film industry pros may track various stages of films

• Media Tracking: video info, multi-media

• Fan Tracking: track all fan-club related info, correspondence (in both Projects & People files)

• Cue Sheet Tracking: film/TV composers may track film writing projects and create "performance society approved" Cue Sheets; also includes customizable EXPORT script for electronic transmission of Cue Sheets.



• tracks & calculates demo costs via new Projects file

• tracks who, what, where, when, & how of pitching

• call-back scheduling & follow-ups for "SongShopping" ("CueShopping")

• pop-up menus display what you sent and the date

• displays follow-up response received

• demo package status

• tracks each demo package sent

• supports multiple submissions to same producer/client

• includes successful solicit & pitch form-letters

• tracks a detailed Activity Log for each contact in system

• one selection identifies active or non-active contact

• auto lookups of catalog titles by Catalog #

• tracks TIP requests & artist "attitude" for accurate casting & pitching



• Entry of "POINTS" (producer percentage points, artist points, arranger points, etc.)

This is where you auto-assign royalties that are due based on Collections of funds that come in from any given license.

LICENSES file simplifies publishing Collections & Pay Outs for royalties


License Quote & License Invoice print outs

Licenses List (Find by Catalog #,Licensee)

Chart List

Upcoming Options Report

Outstanding Licenses

Overdue Advances

Overdue Guarantees

Mechanical License

Mechanical License Cover Letter

Synch Licenses

Master License

Harry Fox License Request

SubPublishing Administration Agreement

Schedule “A” Attachment


Promo Letter w/Packing List

Project Analysis Reports (5)

Project Detail Reports (4)

Time Sheets

Cue Reports & Cue Sheet

Material Sent (by Project, Date or Category)

CD labels, DAT inserts

Project Charges reports





This layout lets you keep track of all the tasks that get done related to any Project.


All main Songtracker files include a Checklist to let you know where you are at for each entry


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