This layout provides some of the main information for each of your songs. Each record is a separate copyrighted work (song).


All Digital Media Assets (Audio & Video) may be Inserted into the VERSIONS file or RESOURCE file and instantly played within the Songtracker database. This allows you to play any Version of any song in your Library, within seconds, allowing you to access all media while on the phone or when making important song casting decisions.


• New WEBVIEWER lets you view all necessary websites right from within Songtracker Pro

• Library vault info & tracking (also supports multiple "versions")

• Fast Web Links to the latest Library of Congress sites for online © Registration; Optional: also generates full PA & SR © forms in two option  always: print out your data onto your official Copyright Office forms or print entire form from a blank sheet of paper. All this is done from a   simple data entry screen which automatically prepares your form(s).

• supports multiple licensing rates for Catalog quotes and songplugging (Rates A, B & C)

• titles can be categorized & subcategorized for accurate FINDs and casting, also by: key type, music color, mood characteristics & tempo

• "Suited for male...", female, group, etc.. tracking for casting

• categorize by "individual works" or "sets" (helpful for live performers)

• "dub master" type & counter #s

• tracks author & copublisher %s & splits (domestic & foreign)

• comprehensive checklist keeps you prepared (never forget important administration steps again)

• casting & song characteristic notes

• Tape # pop menu allows you to assign common set lists or tape/media #s from your catalog

• supports various royalty terms (quarterly, etc.)



Related VERSIONS file is included which allows you to track unlimited multiple versions of any catalog work

• Related "VERSIONS" FILE (as related to the Catalog number)

• Tracks an unlimited number of versions for any song (or sound) in your catalog.

• Individual "Tape Library" information for each version

• 32-Track recording "track sheet" (pop-up menus speed up and simplify data entry)



This powerful file may be used to keep notes on the material you send to others OR for the material that is sent to you for review/evaluation (tracks solicited and unsolicted material). A helpful report prints out your notes and follow-up information, by Contact, or other specified field(s). Some of the fields in this file:


• Title of work (& auto-serialized number added)

• Type of evaluation, Auto-Date

• "By" whom (producer, writer, etc.)

• Evaluation Notes (up to 1 Billion characters per evaluation)

• Pop-up menus for fast entry (Style, Response, Grading Level)

• Submission # to/by same client

• Follow up response (pop-up list of "editable" values)

• Follow Up Date

• Schedule a To-Do or follow up activity (meeting, call, email, fax, contract, etc.)

• Network users: automatically tracks who created the evaluation and who modified it last.



RELATED "PORTIONS" file (for Catalog & Projects files) This file breaks down the writer, copublisher, and foreign subpublisher shares, percentages & related song info. Each record tracks powerful data for each separate portion holder, for each copyright. Each portion is linked to a specific contract #, allowing minute details and various percentages and "deal nuances" to be tracked accurately. Supports “Hold Back for Reserves” for Domestic and Foreign sales.



• Author & CoPublisher lists

• Author Profile

• Author/Publisher phone lists

• Customer/Vendor/Lead phone lists

• Emergency contacts list

• Letter to your collaborator

• PA copyright form

• SR copyright form

• Continuation Copyright form for additional claimants/writers

• Title list and Catalog listing

• Song Catalog Profile

• Print out a Catalog "catalog" to market your cues or titles

• Catalog list by "mood characteristics" for effective casting

• Checklist report

• Barcode Library labels (requires barcode font) for tapes/folders

• Lyric sheets

• Set lists & title (J-cards)

• mailing & shipping labels (supports popular Avery labels)

• DAT Tape inserts automatically labeled with song titles/info

• CD-R labels (support existing Avery label format)

• CD inserts (front and back with "set list"/info)

• Gig set list report

• ASCAP Title Registration form (& instructions)

• BMI Title Clearance Form

• Text file "Export" provided for electronic submission of ASCAP & BMI form data

• Digital Media Assets Library & Tape Room Report

• Media Room Evaluation - Songplugger reports

• Evaluation List

• Material Pitched report

• Packing Slip with Cover Form letter report

• Avery CD-R labels, DAT inserts



(your own agreement forms may be "pasted" in place of these;

provided fields fill in required contract data)

• Collaborator Agreements

• Publishing Administration Rights Agreement

• Copyright Assignment form

• Songwriter Agreements



This layout provides a place where you can store/reference each version of each song/video in your Catalog and play the back.
This layout provides buttons to run some of the LIST reports related to your song Catalog (such as Title List, Library Room, etc.).


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