This is one of 5 Data Entry layouts where you can track related data to any desired contract record. The portal allows you to enter all Advances

CONTRACT FILE tracks "AUTHOR"/CoPublisher info on a contract basis


• Each new record in this file is a separate contract/assignment


• keeps track of payee stats per contract/assignment


• supports writer affiliations (ASCAP, BMI etc.)


• logs option dates and contract terms, from songwriter contract, for convenient look up and display (unlimited years)


• tracks Domestic & Foreign Point percentages for Artists, Producers and other professional who are paid by percentage points


• tracks advances due & earned


• tracks advances paid out


• automatically tracks and calculates total "recouped" advances, per contract


• automatically tracks and calculates total "unrecouped" advances, per contract


• automatically tracks and calculates total "outstanding" royalty balances, per contract


• tracks percentage of recoupable advances allowed


• tracks demo/recording limits & allowance for each contract


• keeps track of collaborators - phone lists and collaborator letter


• tracks Contract Type, Royalty Type, Territory covered by Contract


• displays all catalog works related to any contract


• displays all royalty statements related to any contract


• displays all payments/advances related to any contract


• Heir contact information regarding estates


• Legal checklist for each contract helps you keep track of where you are on any deal negotiation


• Foreign Royalty Basis: At the Source or After Fees and Receipts


• % Held Out for Reserves; separate fields for Domestic and Foreign percentages


• Dates for: Process Started, Contract Started, Contract Signed, Contract Expiration, Rights Reversion, Option dates, etc.





Legal heir list

Contract Profile

Contract List

Legal form letter

Collaborator Agreemnt

Administration Rights Agreement

Songwriter Agreement

© Assignment











The checklist layout provides a place to stay updated on the progress of each Contract in your file.

A Checklist allows you to quickly mark wherever you are in the contract process

This portal layout provides a quick/easy way to enter new Contracts for any writer, producer or copublisher directly from their contact record.

PEOPLE file lets you view all Contracts related to each contact as shown here in this portal view.


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