This powerful feature allows you to view/navigate any website from within Songtracker Pro.



• New WEBVIEWER (shown above) lets you view and browse websites directly from inside Songtracker Pro


• fully unlocked modules allow customization to meet your specific/future needs


• intuitive music industry features put you ahead of your competition


• all files are both Windows & Mac compatible (may be a mixed network); click Technical Specs above for details


• network ready through FileMaker (unlimited number of users based on your hardware capabilities); Multi-user workgroup ready


• iPads and iPhones may view data over a network (requires free Filemaker Go app)


• Optional screen sizes (100%, 150%, etc.) may be preset in Preferences allowing you the option to view on iPads, Big Screen TVs, etc.


• Scripted buttons allow you to navigate quickly and scripted Reports let you print desired data on the printed page (or PDF) quickly


• Tracks the who, what, where, when & how of pitching, © administration


• Casting Characteristics and "keywords" help make songcasting/songplugging fast and simple


• EZ searches and FINDs provide quick access to whatever you are looking for


• Royalty COLLECTIONS simplified - entered in seconds


• Royalty PAY OUTS are automatically dispersed to all portion holders at the click of a button


• Track your ASCAP, BMI, SESAC & CCLI Performance Royalties


• Track/Manage all of your Digital Media Assets from one location, audio and video may be played directly from within Songtracker


• Browse websites directly from within Songtracker at the click of a button in our new WEB VIEWER


• Save time, stay organized, centralize


• Provides unlimited ways of tracking data


• Move data in/out of the system - Songtracker allows many types of "text file" imports/exports, of data from other databases & organizers


• Allows text file exports of royalty and financial data which may then be imported into your own in-house accounting system


• HomeBase command center provides a familliar Home territory for comfortable navigation


• Fully documented & built-in, on-line "context-sensitive" HELP


• Video Training Tutorials available (click Training link at top of this page)


• Future Add-on modules as your business grows


• Powerful Preferences make security simple; may be setup on a per-user basis to disrupt navigation to financially sensitive files


• Versatile Access priviledges, password security and password "Groups" allow deeper security for your particular office needs


• Links with your Email application for managing outgoing email to one person or a group


• An audit-trail is created (creation date, modification date and respective user) for your valuable data and provides for additional security.


• Text to Speech buttons provide the option of having documentation and documents read to you aloud (saving on eye strain)


• Prints attractive (customizable) reports/forms (over 140)


• Fan Tracker module lets you stay current on all Fan activity and spending


• Live Show/Event tracking helps you provide confidential itinerary info for artists and talent on the road (hotel confirm.#s, etc.)



FULLY NETWORKABLE - UNLIMITED NUMBER OF USERS. click Technical Specs above for details.



This integrated music business system has been growing in popularity since 1992 when it was first introduced to the music industry. Companies such as Quincy Jones Publishing, Carole King Productions, Jobete Music Co.,Inc., Big Tractor Music, Berklee School of Music and many other industry pros have already adopted this software as their own - and the list continues to grow. It ships unlocked so that you may also customize it (using FileMaker Pro), should the need ever arise.


• Track portion holders, Author %s, Domestic & Foreign copublisher %s, as shown here...

























• Track meeting notes, To-Do's, calls, documents


• "Auto-Schedule" feature tracks future follow-ups


• Carry forward unfinished tasks to the next day


• Click on any "Activity Log" entry to view old activities


• Creates Group Schedules & individual Calendars


• Document Center stores library of master documents


• Mail merge documents or send email with One person or for a Group of contacts


• Message Center lets anyone take coworker messages


• 53,000+ zip code lookups speed data entry accuracy






Mail labels, ship labels, envelopes


Printed calendars and schedules


Activity Log


Contact Lists, phone lists, address books


Monthly, weekly, daily calendar


To-Do Lists: overview, detailed breakdowns


"While You Were Out" messages (4-up on a page)


"Work completed" report


Outgoing call reports


Letters, FAX covers, memos, email, reports, more...





This layout portal provides the place where you enter all of your writer and copublisher "splits" for the current Song work.


Your digital SOUNDS (including multiple versions of songs or sounds) may also be imported or "pasted" into a provided "Resource" file which will then link with the corresponding Catalog #, in your "Catalog" and "Versions" files. A simple "double-click" on the displayed icon immediately plays the desired "digital sample" of your song (or sound). This allows you to utilize this feature while on the phone or when making important song casting decisions. Videos and graphics may also be stored in this media library for immediate access within one file.

This screen allows you to listen/view the media referenced to the current song version.


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