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Help your customers enjoy their wait...


Our nature DVDs are the perfect compliment to offer in your waiting room or reception area. Designed to lower the heart rate and help ease any stress that your customers or patients may be experiencing while waiting for appointments or treatment (or even during treatments). If you need suggestions regarding your office setup please see the info below regarding setting up a simple system in your Waiting Room.




Setting up your waiting room is simple...


To set up your waiting room or reception area, you'll need a simple BluRay or DVD player, flat screen display (appropriate size should be determined by the size of your reception area) and DVDs to play in your unit (all of ours play in a loop so you don't have to reset them if you get busy). Wire connections are quite simple. If you are using a BluRay player, with a BluRay disc, you will get full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels) on your HD flat screen, which is highly recommended for business uses. You want to show your office in the best light possible. The price of BluRay disc players are so inexpensive now ($69 - $79), at stores like Best Buy, it makes sense to utilize them (BluRays are all they sell nowadays and look much sharper). Plug your BluRay player and flat screen into an AC outlet for power. If you are running BluRay you will need a quality HDMI cable ($20 - $40; Best Buy, etc.) which carries the video and the audio from the BluRay player to your flat screen TV.


BluRay looks much nicer in an office setting but if you are using a standard DVD setup you can use a standard video cable (often shown as a yellow RCA cable, depending on the unit you purchase; standard wires may be included with your display or DVD player) and runs between the DVD video output(s) to the flat screen video input. A stereo cable (2 RCA connectors) should be connected from your DVD player Audio Outputs (L & R) to your flat screen Audio inputs (L & R). Assuming that your flat screen has speakers in it this will be all the connections you need.


AUDIO: If your flat screen does not include speakers (most do) or speaker connections you will need a separate set of speakers and amplifier (like an fm receiver amp, etc.) to have sound. Whenever playing one of our nature DVDs you can choose between nature sounds only or music with nature sounds. Once you start our video it will play, that way, continuously all day so there is no need to change it. You can break it up by using different DVDs on different days. Many of our business customers purchase our Box Set Collection for this reason which is our best value. Please let us know if you have any questions.




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