Nearly everything is NEW in 5.0


Announcing Songtracker Pro 5.0

(for Filemaker Pro)


Our developers have completely revitalized Songtracker Pro from the ground up utilizing the powerful new features in Filemaker Pro (works with versions 12 thru 17). There is a new navigational look, as well, with sepia photo buttons throughout. It’s an old-school classic salute to the recording industry’s heyday, mixed with the power of the latest relational database technology of today.


Since 1992, we have enjoyed bringing you the finest innovations and intuitive features for the music business so that you can simply get your work done faster and more efficiently. Please call us when you are ready to buy or upgrade.


NOTE for previous users:

We kept all the original field names so that previous users can easily bring in their legacy data, from older versions without any data hassles, using newly provided scripts. We added from there and spent a couple years rewriting scripts, features and redesigning the entire user interface to make it simpler and more elegant to use. We hope you enjoy all the new features Songtracker Pro 5.0 has to offer you.





This layout lets you track data related to each Fan record in your PEOPLE file.  A number of checkboxes are available to assign attributes.

FanTracker is a powerful new layout, located in the PEOPLE file, which lets you track multiple activities of each Fan Club member and those who enjoy your brand.


A series of checkboxes makes it very fast to update information and assist with tracking social media activity. It simplifies collecting groups of fans to contact about various activities and performances. Use this layout in coordination with Songtracker’s Document Center and you can now target just the right fans for the right reason.


Expanded Studio Center...

A new studio center supports tracking all kinds of helpful new fields: Session Name, BitRate, Sample Rate, file types, Software/ver#, DigiDelivery, ISRC#, Timecode, Deadlines, Digital Audio File Name and stored location, etc.


Session Scheduling & Billing Simplified: Supports: sales tax, TimeBilled, Rate, Xtra Chgs, TimeIn, TimeOut, etc. Click a button to auto-generate an Invoice #, and print out an Invoice of unPaid studio items.


Support for Soundminer v4: Track all of your Soundminer data in Songtracker and then click “Export to Soundminer” to provide metadata to be imported into Soundminer v4.

This layout is where you store/reference and playback a digital asset file (song, video, etc.). Videos appear and songs will provide an mp3 bar.

A new WEB VIEWER window allows you to track an unlimited number of websites and view/browse directly within Songtracker Pro. We have prelinked you to many of your most important sites such as your Title Registration for your Performance Societies, Harry Fox’s Songfile and others.


We have simplified the entry of Collections and PayOuts of royalties and added powerful features like “Territory Specific” PayOuts of Foreign royalties. You may also skip the printing of unnecessary Statements, for any desired Portion Holder, at the click of a checkbox.


There are many other new features too numerous to mention. A PDF file will be provided soon listing all the new features in list form.

This layout provides line items where you may enter studio related data for any song version or session you are working on.

A Digital Media Library tracks every version of every song in your catalog. This Assets layout plays each version of works from your Song Catalog. Insert your Audio or Video file as a “Referenced” file (actual file may be stored outside of Songtracker Pro” and referenced) and listen/view it directly from within Songtracker Pro. Networked Songpluggers can now have all their material on the road with them, linked to one file.


Metadata layout includes over 50 metadata fields for tracking all of your info that can be embedded with your audio (via Soundminer); metawrapping your material for iTunes and aggregators.


Emailing messages and attachments directly out of Songtracker Pro makes it easy to track emails directly to fans and business contacts. A record of each outgoing email is stored for that contact creating a valuable contact history.




This feature allows you to view/navigate websites directly within Songtracker Pro.


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