Songtracker Pro 5.0 is fully networkable using the Filemaker Pro networking standards, so any setup that works with Filemaker Pro will work for our solution. For example, you may network up to 9 users using Filemaker Pro (approx $329 each or lease Filemaker Pro by the month) NOTE: Filemaker Pro 12 thru 17 are supported for our solution. Filemaker Pro Server software is recommended for larger network scenarios. If you plan to introduce iPads into the mix you will also need Filemaker Go for each iPad or iPhone (a FREE App) on your network. Read the Filemaker document shown below to get an idea what strategies will work best for your office (a great deal of information is also available on their website at NOTE: also see Filemaker Requirements below...


You may purchase Filemaker Pro for MacOS or Windows (see details below). Mac NOTE: Check system requirements on the site. If you have a earlier operating system, we suggest you purchase a used copy of Filemaker Pro 12 - 16 on eBay or Amazon. Songtracker Pro is a set of Filemaker templates that are already cross-platform, so your copy of Filemaker Pro manages the platform you are using for each desired computer on your network (or single-user). Filemaker Pro must be purchased directly from You may order it as a download or on a DVD disk.


Filemaker Pro Requirements (see for latest system requirements):

Songtracker Pro Licenses:

Your first user License is included with each single-user version (click Pricing above for our prices. You may purchase as many additional user-licenses as needed. There is a nominal fee per each additional user. NOTE: This is based on simultaneous users currently running on your network.


Songtracker Pro 5.0 recommendations....

Our software business templates come preset for multi-user environments. "Network Sharing" is turned on for all of our files in the solution. Therefore, all of the files are ready to network using Filemaker Pro. TCP/IP is a powerful way of networking your computers together. If you are running more than a few versions of Filemaker Pro, you should consider a dedicated Server to run the master files each day. Then, each user (having only a copy of Filemaker Pro on their computer (or Filemaker Go on their iPad) can Open up the "_Songtracker" file using the "Open Remote..." command from the "File" menu. This launches a script that opens all of the files in our system (see our Tutorials for more information).


We do not setup networks for customers so you may wish to employ the help of a local Filemaker network specialist to setup your system initially. If you are good with computers, it is not that difficult to setup, especially when you add the Filemaker Server software to administrate and backup your files automatically.  If you are willing to read some of the Filemaker networking information, about how to setup a Filemaker network, you will find the process pretty straight forward and simple. Search for "Sharing  database on a network" at their website ( Please follow the instructions you will find on their website and documentation for the best results.


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