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Announcing Songtracker Pro 5.0 for Filemaker Pro

Our latest 5.0 version is complete and is now shipping. Order today and get your music business organized and more profitable.  Please call us at (805) 527-5841 (Order Center open 8am-1pm PST) with any questions you may have. Your call is important to us; if we are busy, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Songtracker Pro 5.0 for Mac & Windows versions

Single-user license: Limited Time Special Sale $798 (reg. $1398.)

Additional network users may be licensed at $125 each (reg. $149 each).

Songtracker Pro requires each user have a copy of Filemaker Pro which may be purchased directly at for approximately $329+; (box, rental or download). Network administrators may also want to look into Filemaker Pro Server software, as well, depending on the number of users you require.


A FREE Demo is available on our Demo page (click Try Demo above). A link is also provided so you may download a FREE trial copy of Filemaker Pro (be sure to see our Demo page for password information. Feel free to give us a call once you've had a chance to view our demo - we are happy to answer all your pre-sale questions.


Additional Songtracker Pro network users: each additional user license is currently discounted to $125 (reg. $149 each). We will provide a serial number to open your system for any number of simultaneous users you need on your network. Order additional users at any time.


Call Center Times: Please call our Order Center (805) 527-5841 (between 8am-1pm PST) to order, or you may order online, by clicking the “Buy Now” button above and selecting the item(s) from our online store. You will enter your address and cc info. Due to large file sizes, we are not currently providing Downloads of this product, therefore you will receive your product on DVD (w/ full Documentation & Quick Start Video tutorials). Your product DVD will be shipped via First Class or Priority Mail.


Filemaker Pro: To purchase the latest version of Filemaker Pro (approx. $329+ ea), you must order from Filemaker, Inc. (at You will need a separate copy of Filemaker Pro for each user on your network. You can licenses their software via monthly subscription or full fee purchase. See Tech Specs page for more info.


Filemaker Pro Advanced: NOTE: The Filemaker Pro Advanced version is only helpful if you plan to do a lot of customization of your files.  99% of the time, we recommend you use Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Pro Server (this depends on your network requirements - if you have more than 4 users Server can be quite helpful in administrating your files; not necessary for a small workgroup). Songtracker Pro will no longer work with versions of Filemaker Pro earlier than 12.0, due to the changes in the Filemaker Pro (17, 16, 15, 14, 13 & 12 all work fine) file structure.


Customization: We have already customized everything we can anticipate about your music business. However, if you have special needs that we don’t address you can customize almost any way you like. Other than our HELP file and USERS file, our solution ships completely unlocked so that you may customize your files, as needed, using Filemaker Pro. We want you to be as productive as possible; feel free to let us know any questions you may have.


Previous registered users: If you are a registered user of one of our previous versions, please contact us directly at our phone below, to upgrade to the latest version.


We look forward to having you as a customer. Thank you for considering Working Solutionz Software.






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