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Announcing Songtracker Pro 5.0 for Filemaker Pro

Music Business software designed to track all aspects of Music Publishing; including Royalties, Licensing, Projects, Song Catalog management, Copyright administration, Media Library, Fan Tracking, Studio Bookings, Live Performances, Social and more.


Includes hundreds of new features and a brand new user-interface designed to help you manage your music company more efficiently.


Songtracker Pro 5.0 (for Filemaker Pro - versions 12 thru 17 are all supported) is a comprehensive software solution designed to manage and administrate music publishing tasks and songwriter catalogs. It handles all aspects of your music business such as Contracts, Licensing, Projects and Royalty Statements. It also manages all of your digital media from one powerful location and links with online sites for title and copyright registration. Click through our  “Features” pages above for a full list of benefits and over 135 reports.



This screen provides buttons to each file in the Songtracker Pro system, allowing simple navigation to your desired location.

HomeBase screen provides easy navigation to any area of this integrated solution.

Intuitive and Simple...

Whether you are a one-person office or a full-time publishing/record company, this easy-to-use office solution, designed and fully networkable, in FileMaker Pro (Mac & Windows), will do your dishes. In addition to being a comprehensive contact manager it automates/prepares: Copyrights, ASCAP/BMI title registrations, CD inserts, songplugging, correspondence... more.


Your digital media library may easily be stored/managed within this powerful solution. Songtracker Pro offers your network of coworkers a set of sophisticated management/tracking modules for all aspects of your publishing/record company business needs. Over 135 reports provide powerful music industry information.

This screen provides many fields where you may log locations, sizes and attributes to each separate Version of a Song or video.

The Media Library provides a place to document all of the metadata about each separate audio or video track. There is also a separate Metadata layout that provides even more fields for data storage.


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