What the Music Industry is saying...


"Here is finally a tool sophisticated enough to handle every aspect of marketing your material."

- the late-great John Braheny, Author & cofounder of LASS (Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase)



"This powerful & comprehensive product has proven to be an invaluable tool for copyright management. Make way for anyone who has SongTracker at their fingertips!"

- Quincy Jones Music Publishing, Judith Bright, VP



"SongTracker is the most useful non-musical computer program ever written for musicians. ...a must have... one of those once in a lifetime programs that has the uncanny ability to give the user a great deal of confidence and sense of accomplishment while using it."

- Kashif, Author, Songwriter/Producer for Kenny G., Whitney Houston - "You Give Good Love"



"Thanks to Songtracker Pro, our publishing catalog is finally organized! Thank you for offering a tool that helps us administrate and plug our material so easily."

- Jennifer Beal, Copyright Administrator, StarDelphia Music Group




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