2018 (March) Press Release

Our Songtracker Pro 5.0v2 music industry software has begun shipping. Please contact us if you need to upgrade (see email & phone info below).


2017 (March) Press Release announces the release of our new Audio Library. A convenient place to search for great new original songs from award-winning songwriters. Whether searching for your next recording project or for your own listening library, enjoy this helpful new music service. Songs may be sampled and are also available for immediate download. Songtracker studios uses the highest quality audio codecs to provide you with the best quality mp3 downloads available.


2017 (February) Press Release is pleased to announce that all of our films are now available Worldwide, for download or rental via and are still available on BluRay and DVD for your convenience. Enjoy our newly updated video trailers and Vimeo site at:


2017 (January) Press Release has just released our latest video: The Best of... Peace in Nature which is a new sampler of favorite songs from all of our videos. This makes a perfect Gift since it includes both a BluRay and DVD disc in the same box, so no matter which player they have, you will be sure to cover all bases. If you haven't experienced any of our videos yet, this is a great way to begin. The video is over an hour long and will Loop like all of our other BluRays/DVDs. Also available for Download or Rental on Vimeo.


2015 (October) Press Release has just released a new DVD and BluRay. Peace in the Wild is a collection of Richard Klender's film footage of wildlife and animals. Perfectly designed for your children (or the child in you); it is a wonderful way to wind down your children at night before bedtime. Soft original instrumental music is fully orchestrated, with nature sounds and soft, fuzzy and interesting creatures that are sure to please.


2014 (February) Press Release was recently awarded a top Telly Award for Best Nature Film for their new Nature Video, "Peace in the Sierra HD". This relaxation BluRay was filmed on the eastern side of the Sierra Mountains and includes amazing fall colors, spring rains and winter snow. This totals 6 Telly Awards for the independent film/music company. This 72 minute musical video is available in both BluRay and standard DVD.


2013 (October) Press Release has just released a new DVD and BluRay. Peace by the Sea is now available with all new HD footage of the California coastline. From San Diego north to the southern Oregon coastline, take a tour of California beaches. New music has been composed and added to this long-time favorite for a 71 minute relaxation experience.


2012 (October) Press Release has just released 3 new products. The latest titles released are "Peace in the Sierra_HD"(Std DVD), "Peace in the Sierra_HD"(BluRay) and ""Peace in the Sierra"(Soundtrack CD)". This new relaxation video includes soft instrumental music and nature sounds and was filmed and released in full HD (1920 x 1080) for full high definition enjoyment on BluRay. The Standard DVD is made available in NTSC video with choices of audio tracks ("music with nature sounds" or "nature sounds only"). A Soundtrack CD is available, including all 10 instrumental compositions from the DVD, to round out this new release.


2011 (October) Press Release has just released 4 of their DVD titles on Blu-Ray. The latest titles released are "Peace in Wine Country", "Peace at Agate Cove", "Peace by the Fireside" and "Peace in December". All four relaxation videos were filmed and are now released in full HD (1920 x 1080) for full high definition enjoyment.


2011 (September) Press Release has just won its 5th Telly Award. This prestigious industry award was presented to Richard Klender, creative director, for "Peace in December" for Best Nature Video. This award-winning video is now available in standard DVD and Blu-Ray.


2010 Press Release has just released two new DVDs for the holiday season. Peace in December is a winter-wonderland full of snowscapes and wildlife from Yellowstone and Yosemite. It was designed to offer our customers the ultimate background for their holiday decorations. We have also released Peace by the Fireside which provides a nice cozy fireplace DVD for those who need one for the holiday. Both DVDs have new music from award-winning composer Richard Klender and both are over 1 hour long and they loop continuously like all of our DVDs.


2009 Press Release has won another Telly Award. This industry award was presented to Richard Klender, creative director, for "Peace in Wine Country" for Best Nature Video (see 3 Telly Awards release below). This award-winning video is now available in DVD and also for iPhone. Songtracker's latest DVD release is titled "Peace by the Fireside" and is now available on DVD (please call or email for more info on this 1-hour DVD loop.


July 2007 Press Release was awarded triple Telly Awards in three video categories. The prestigious industry award was given to Richard Klender, creative director, for "Peace by the Sea" for Best Nature Video and Best Use of Music while his "Peace by the Sea - NATURE LOOPS" won for the Health & Wellness category. The latest release, Peace in Wine Country, has been completed and will be pre-released in August or early September.


March 2007 Release

Editing for's new Peace in Wine Country is currently under way. This new release is scheduled for release in later summer or early fall. Winter filming is also in the works at various locations for future projects.


February 2007 Release

All of Songtracker's new Nature DVDs are being filmed in HD to meet the current and future demand.


January 2007 Release officially release 4 new Nature DVDs to the public. Included are: Peace by the Sea (Nature Loops), Peace at Agate Cover (Nature Loops), Peace by the Sea and Peace in the Sierras 2. All of the latest releases are filmed in 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio and are currently available at Songtracker's new online Store.




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