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There are hundreds of medical facilities and hospitals currently using our relaxing nature videos. Our "Nature Loops" series ("Peace by the Sea - Nature Loops" and "Peace at Agate Cove - Nature Loops") were specifically developed for use in the medical field, however all of our DVDs and BluRays are quite effective. For our Nature Loops brand, we purposely slowed down the BPM (Beats per minute) of the music, even more than usual, so that patients can easily track with the soothing sounds (we are doing this more and more with our newer products). On these 2 'Nature Loop' branded videos we also stay on one scene for longer periods of time (up to 10 minutes), enabling patients to easily follow the serenity of each scene which promotes healing. It is as if the patient were to sit in a chair at the beach and watch the surf as it comes in and out rather than have to track edits every 10 or 12 seconds.


This strategy is designed to maximize relaxation in ways that promote better health. These DVDs have proved effective in helping promote sleep for those suffering from sleep disorders. We have also received reports that they are often effective in the treatment of: autism, cancer, depression and recouperation from surgery and chemo. Many pregnant mothers have selected our videos for birthing enhancing their relaxation focus during labor and delivery.


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