Peace in the Wild... Now Available...

Wildlife scenes for Children & the Child in you...

Over 60 minutes of wildlife scenes designed to relax and calm kids.  Parents, imagine sitting your children or granchildren down to soft music, with relaxing scenes of feathery and furry friends in their natural environment. Teachers, use this tool as a background for crafts, writing, storytime or any environment where you want to create a relaxing mood.


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Breathtaking Visuals: These beautiful scenes, filmed in HD, act as a virtual sitter for your young ones. A video they will enjoy seeing over and over, and one that you will also enjoy for the entire family. These tranquil images were filmed in colorful HD by award-winning videographer, Richard Klender, and provide a beautiful background loop for your own home.

Nature Sounds: Special attention has been given to the highest quality on-location recording techniques to make you feel like you are actually there in each scene. The authentic nature has been mixed in with the music as part of the overall mood and experience.

Inspiring Music: The soothing, melodic score for this peaceful experience was written and produced by award-winning composer Richard Klender. A symphony orchestra enhances his classical and acoustic guitar melodies to round out your experience that is timeless and memorable for all ages.

Peace in the Wild - on BluRay (HD), Item # 02039- $24.99(1920 x 1080 full HD Widescreen) - 61+ minutes.  To order, click "View in Store" and then click the "Add to Cart" button from store, or call (805) 527-5841 or email.

Peace in the Wild - on Std. DVD, Item # 02037 - $19.99

(16x9 NTSC Widescreen) - 61+ minutes.

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