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Q: How long are your videos and do they LOOP?

A: Most of our DVDs and BluRays are an Hour or more. You can check the length on each of our product webpages which will be more specific. And Yes, all of our nature DVDs (& BluRays) play in entirety and then Loop continuously until you stop them. This allows you to leave any of our DVDs (& BluRays) on all day to use as background ambiance in your home or office, without any attention to it. NOTE: Digital Downloaded videos are approximately 1 hour but do not automatically loop; but may easily be restarted again at the click of a button.


Q: Can I Download your videos?

A: Yes...we have recently released our entire series of videos via the popular  VimeoOnDemand site. New Links have been created throughout our website so that you may view all of our movie Trailer previews for free in full HD; as well as Rent or Download any of our nature videos at great bargains. HD versions are available for your iPad, iPhone or Android device as well; all at the click of a button. Enjoy...


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Q: What are some of the uses you have heard of for your nature DVDs?

A: People are using them for all kinds of solutions which has been quite encouraging. The most popular uses are for individuals to use them for their peace and relaxation, however our users are coming up with all kinds of things we never thought of. For example, houses of worship use them as background in their prayer rooms and also running them before worship services as people settle into the building. Some therapists have been using the videos as a way to calm couples and individuals who are undergoing counseling. Doctors and Dentists have used them in both their waiting rooms and before surgeries which offer a calming environment for their patients. Some large corporations and small businesses are using them in their reception areas as a way of setting a relaxing mood for those who enter their offices. Their feedback suggests that people waiting for their associates stay less agitated when forced to wait for extended periods. Receptionists report that guests are content watching the footage and hearing the nature sounds as they wait.


Q: What type of Bonus footage is also included on the motion DVDs?

A: Some of our DVDs provide extra bonus tracks. These are normally short relaxing scenes that may be viewed at your option. Click on the Options or Bonus menu to view these special additions. The roaring bonfire is a favorite of many of our customers who tell us how they enjoy putting it on in their bedrooms before dozing off to sleep at night. When they wake in the morning they find that the fire is still going strong (and nobody had to throw any wood on the fire).


Why don't you do a nature DVD for children?...incredible babysitter!

Now we have - New! Maybe you have noticed who the biggest fans of our nature DVDs are. Yes, often it's children (ages 3-10). This was not something we planned. Frankly we were amazed to watch children stop as they came by our trade show booth with their parents. It's funny - often their parents are in a different world and don't even notice that our videos are playing in the booth. But inevitably the children always seem to notice, stop and enjoy. In fact most children are rivoted to our screens, as they pass by and love to watch the flowing water, flying birds, rain and snow fall, etc.


We have begun to conclude that children are a built in audience for our nature videos. Why, we ask ourselves? Often these children pull on the pant legs of their parents wanting the parent to stop and appreciate this new wonder they have discovered. We conclude that children don't get to see as much nature as children may have seen in years past. These days we all seem caught up in doing, doing and doing and don't get the kind of time we'd like to drive out to the state parks and just see squirrels running across the snow. Children happen to love this kind of thing - it amuses them - nature has a way of doing that.


To answer this question, YES, we have just completed producing a video especially for the children, titled "Peace in the Wild" which is available now. It is also for the child in each of us. It is a collection of all of our wildlife footage filmed in fun and peaceful situations (bunnies, seals, deer, elk, eagles and much more). We hope you'll agree that all of our nature videos are ready made to order for young children (rated G). If you don't believe us, try one for your children. If they don't love it call us and we'll give you a full return on your investment. We guarantee it - in fact, we've never had a complaint.


Q: Do any of your videos have material that would scare, shock or startle young children, such as animals attacking each other, etc.?

A: No, all of our videos are "G" rated. None of them have any predatory portions that would scare children. The goal on all of our videos is to offer a peaceful environment so we show all scenes in a serene, relaxing mode. So moms and dads never need to worry about playing one of our videos with the children in the room. In fact, they'll love it too (see Q regarding nature DVD for children).


Q: How often do you release new videos?

A: Most of our videos take at least two years to film and edit. Since they are musical, a lot of time is also spent composing the music which is all produced in-house by our award-winning composer, Richard Klender.


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